Thursday, 19 August 2010

Congratulations to All A Level Students

Today was a big day in the McKenzie household, my eldest was expecting her exam results. She has done her AS's and like every 17 and 18 year old who had done exams last summer today was a tadge stressful. To see what the national picture for A Levels is click here.

I haven't seen much moaning about A Levels getting easier. I took my first lot of A Levels in 1985 and I have to admit I found them very very hard. I also took another in 1995 and that was even harder. I took and A Level in French and the whole exam was in French. I took a degree in German and Russian and only had to write a couple of papers in those languages. An A Level totally in French felt much harder than my degree. If you don't believe me I suggest trying to write a 300 word essay on the songs of George Brassens.

To help you in your efforts and Essay writing here is a Youtube clip of a Brassens song. There is a prize if you can email and tell me what the song is about. Email it to the address on the right

It is great to see that A level results have risen for the 27th Year in a row, 13 of those under a Labour government who invested in the Education system throughout. The young people collecting their A Levels today started school in 1996 and apart from their first year have enjoyed the benefits of this investment. With the Condems already having cut the Buliding For Schools programme and threatening to cut budgets how long will this improvement continue? I know as a Governor that we are seeing those that support us cut back and it will be interesting to see whether our local Condem admistration will cut to the same depth that their political chums in Whitehall do.

As a governor and local activist I will fight any reduction in support that the Condems give to Alfred Sutton and Newtown schools.

As for my daughter well, that's between her, her parents and the school. But I am proud of what she is acheived and love her very much.

So congratulations to all of this year's A Level and AS Level students I hope that you got the results you were looking for, however if the results weren't quite what you wanted, the situation will work itself out and there will be lots of people to help you move forward.