Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dear Emily, please shop locally

I have been shopping, ok perhaps not so so exciting, but it struck me that the shops on the Wokingham Road have got so good over the last few years. When I first lived in Norris Road in the mid 90's the shops were a bit grim.

We have a couple of butchers, one shown here, a couple of food shops including the one run by our old neighbours, Bali and her husband Buckshee, Rahim Stores. This is also one of the two shops you can by alcohol. We have a laudrette, ice cream shops and even if you like vintage shops a couple of charity shops.

There are a couple of great take aways, and the fantastic Erleigh Cafe, where the coffee's good and fry ups are legendary. You can even buy tools on the parade of shops. It is an amazing shoping area. I could go on and on, a real local shopping area.

So we are being constantly asked to reduce carbon emmissions and all of us that live in Park could do this by using our local shops, we have the fantastic COOP on the junction and a myriad of small corner shops in Newtown. If you live in Newtown its an easy walk to Tescos. If organic food is your thing then we even have the "True Food Coop" which comes to the Warehouse once a week or so.

There are some issues around the shops, especially with Parking, and I know that the local Neighbourhood Action Group, NAG has a number of issues which they are trying to raise with the shopkeepers. However
 if we as residents don't use the shops, esp those selling food and groceries, the problems around parking and rubbish will dissappear as the businesses will go out of business.

So Emily, when you have finished reading this, nip out to the shops and get the ingredients for tea and have a great weekend.