Saturday, 25 September 2010

Community Drop In

Me talking to worried parents
Last night's meeting must count as one of the most successful community meetings that I have ever been to.

The parents' group of campaigners organised a community drop in meeting, where residents could ask questions or put their views about Wokingham's school catchment consultation.

The meeting opened at about 6pm and the last people came through the door at about 8.45. We packed up at around 9.15. I was talking solidly all that time. A surprise I am sure.....I guess that we had about 150-200 people walk through the door. Everyone I spoke to had a different concern, a differrent worry. The meeting had been so well organised that all of us who were giving advice were fantastically briefed and able to advise and give some assurance that we will campaign hard and forcibly.

The next community event is the community walk to the Consultation Meeting at Maiden Erlegh Wednesday 29th . Meet at 4.45 at the Fire Station Wokingham Road.

When the meeting came to an end we went for a well earned drink at the Roebuck. Aukland Road.

Us in the Roebuck after the meeting