Thursday, 23 September 2010

Presenting the Petition at Wokingham

Sophie McKenzie, former Maiden Erleigh pupil,
and I presenting the petition to the council
Presented the petition to Wokingham Borough Council this evening.

As of 5pm, the petition had 550 signatures, which probably represents more than 20% of all the households in South Park. A fantastic result.

In Wokingham, you make your speech, hand over the presentation and thats it, you do not get any feed back or counter presentations from Councillors or Officers, which is a little frustrating.

In my speech I pointed out that Wokingham are trying to split the community and that they are trying to exclude the children living closest to the school. At Wokingham you only have a minute to make your point, so I made my points quickly and asked the Council to soberly and clearly consider the objections and suggestions.

So on to the next item in the campaign, Parents' Drop in at the Park Hall, at the URC on the junction of the Wokingham Road and Palmer Park Ave, 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Please come, it will be great to hear your opinions and work with all the community to object to this proposal.

If you want to hear what I said, you should be able to hear it by clicking on this link Please excuse any mumbling, split infinitives or the small case of brain lock that occurs in the middle of the speech. You might have to save and play it rather than play direct from the web.