Saturday, 4 September 2010

Maiden Erlegh Petition - The Star Campaigner

The Maiden Erlegh campaign is starting to get in to its stride now, I, with 2 other Park Ward residents, was interviewed on BBC Berkshire and 107FM also interviewed me this week.

We are getting round the area with a leaflet which explains the situation and asks residents to sign the petition against the change of catchment boundaries. If you haven't had a moment to sign yet the link is here.


Many Labour Party members have been out knocking on residents' doors asking the neighbourhood to get behind this campaign and I am pleased to say we are getting very very good support.

The star campaigner is my daughter, Isabelle, who on Friday leafleted a huge area, in fact if you have had a leaflet it is probably her who delivered it. She did about 10 roads without complaining. She did so well that I took her to the pictures as a reward.

Andrew Peach and I discussed the issue on his show on Friday on BBC Berkshire and you can listen to his show here I am on at about 3.32, if you listen all the way through you will also hear the views of 2 residents and a spokesman from Wokingham. She is on at 1.07.

The Wokingham Spokeswoman, gives me the impression that the Borough has made up their mind, however, significantly she does say that the decision is not set in stone and we as residents and parents of children living in the APS area need to get together to make her change her mind.

So the campaign continues, the consultation is going to be issued on Monday and we all need to read it, understand the full implications of what is being considered and ight hard to make Wokingham change its mind.