Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Maiden Erlegh Update

I have just sent this email to all those who responded to the Maiden Erlegh petition. Incase I have missed your email. I publish it here for your information


Maiden Erlegh Catchment Area Update 1
Dear Neighbour
The campaign to force Wokingham Borough Council not to change the catchment area of Maiden Erlegh school is starting to gain momentum.

Over the weekend about 90% of all the houses in the area have been leafleted, with the balance being completed by Wednesday.Over the weekend I worked with Labour colleagues to knock on approximately 60% of all the doors in the area to ask residents to sign the petition. You will be pleased to hear that the majority of the people we spoke to wanted to sign the petition.
In an interview on BBC Berkshire a Wokingham Officer commented that the proposal was not a "done deal" so it is very important that we bring as much pressure to bear as possible. I am pleased that the local councillors have joined us in the fight and I look forward to them bringing Reading Borough Council on board.

What is Planned

I have been talking to officers in Wokingham and Reading. Wokingham’s plan seems to be as follows:

1. Reading children to be excluded from Maiden Erlegh from Sept.2012

2. There will be protection for siblings allowing them to follow their brother or sister to Maiden Erlegh

3. The exclusion will affect all children, including those that attend Earley St Peters

4. They propose Bulmershe as the Secondary School for all East Reading children

5. Their consultation will take place in Sept-Nov and the final decision being made in April 2011

This should be available on the Wokingham website from Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be found at http://www.wokingham.gov.uk/council/consultations/current-consultations/ please read it as soon as possible.

Consultation Meetings

It appears that Wokingham are planning to have 2 consultation meetings ; one on the 29th Sept and another on the 6th Oct. The location has yet to be agreed.

Writing Letters

We need as many people as possible to write to Wokingham Borough Council with their objections. Letters should be written to:Schools Admissions Consultation, Wokingham Education Dept. Education & Cultural Services, Wokingham District Council, PO Box 156, Shute End, Wokingham RG40 1WN Tel: 0118 974 6000 Fax: 0118 974 6103

I would be grateful if you could copy me on your letter so that we can judge the level of letter writing.

Please forward this mail to your neighbours so that they can sign the petition if they haven’t been able to do this yet.



Thank you to all those who have volunteered so far if you would like to help and deliver leaflets etc, please come back to me.

Thank You

Thank you for your support so far, we will only win if as many people as possible make their feelings known and please feel free to forward this mail on to your neighbours and friends.

Best Regards

Richard McKenzie