Saturday, 6 November 2010

Another Day Another Blockage

Imagine my joy yesteday when I came to the last 10 mins of my last lollipoping shift of the week and most people had smiled, all the cyclists had stopped and no one had been run over.

Imagine how this joy evaporated when a large 3663 lorry from their depot in Abingdon rocked up and parked immediately opposite me and blocked half of Crescent Road and all of the pavement. He managed to force a couple of parents in to the road and even had a go at splatting a couple of cyclists.

Imagine again my frustration when I went up to the cab to ask him if he knew there was a school and he was stopping children being able to get to school safely and he basically told me that he had a delivery to to and I could push off.

Not a good way to end the shift, but lo I remembered that I had my mobile in my pocket and since no one could cross at my crossing, because he'd blocked it I range his depot and chatted to the Transport Manager. The Transport Manager was very polite and quiet contrite and said he would make sure it would happen again, but couldn't it all have been avoided if the driver had  been a tadge more thoughtful. Ho Hum lets see what happens next week.