Thursday, 11 November 2010

Now that the riot is over

This was the sight that greeted me when I arrived at Millbank during the student march yesterday. I was there right at the begining at the disturbance when the glass was smashed and left the scene just before the offices were stormed.

I can only condem the occupation of the building. It served no purpose and ensured that the occupation became the central discussion of the march and completely spoilt the reputation of what was a tremendous event. Why was I marching, partly because I am a Research Student and a member of the NUS, partly to ensure that my children are not saddled with fees of over £9,000 a year if they decide to go to Uni. My eldest daughter will go off to Uni in 2012. If she goes she will be hit by the first year of the increased fees. She has already been targeted by the Condems and done away with EMA, which might have supported her while she is at Sixth Form College. While this might seem to be a petty thing, living where I do, however having returned to Uni, things are tight.

The majority of students seemed to be former Lib Dem voters, who enthusiastically voted Lib Dem in May and now feel completely betrayed. It is clear that the Lib Dems have really really enraged the student vote. They/we are very very angry. Here is a selection of the posters that I saw at the march. Note if you are of a delicate position, please be aware there are lots of rude words.

10.11.10 We Will March Posters

Those that follow my Twitter feed, Mckrich, will know that I also noted down some of the chants. These also made it clear that Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems may have a fight on their hands to retain there MP's and Councillors in seats where there are large student communities.

Jess Lazarczyck
To emphasise this point attached is an interview I did with Jess Lazarczyk, RUSU President, for the student radio station Junction 11.

 To hear the interview I did with Jess click here

The papers have described the the event as the end of consensus. I am not sure of this, but what I am sure of is that despite the idiotic invasion of Tory Headquarter, I am proud of being part of this demo and will continue to campaign, where ever possible, to make sure that the Condems are held to account for the damage they do to our Nation and to fight the damage that the local Condem administration does to Reading.