Saturday, 20 November 2010

Does RBC want to price the motorist off the road?

Having my breakfast munchies infront of the BBC news and was surprised to see that local councils have approached the Condem govt to raise their parking fines to the same level as Londons.

This reminided me that RBC has installed new parking meters in parts of the centre of the town, where parking was previously free. The parking meters are massively expensive and now make a quick trip in to town a very very expensive pastime. I've used the meters in South St and was shocked to see how much you pay  for a 1/4 of an hour.

It is also interesting that RBC seems to be ordering its Parking Attendants to fine Newtown residents for parking near their homes. For anyone who lives in the area the Parking Attendants' attitude is difficult to understand. Residents have to park on corners, double yellows and on the curb, because there is no where else to park if you come home from work after about 8pm. If the attendants came round at 10am, well perhaps fair enough but they are coming round and ticketing early, and I mean early, in the morning, say at 6am or late and I mean late in the evening, say at 10pm or later.

So it seems to me that our Condem RBC hates the motorist, it likes to fine them at home, and price them off the streets in town.

I like my car, however in Reading I think I will stick to my bike