Friday, 19 November 2010

Torys Let Park's Children Over Maiden Erlegh Catchment Area

Came home from work to read Wokingham's proposed response to the Catchment Area Catchment area.

This response, which will be so eagerly awaited by Park's parents, has come down completely in favour of Lower Earley's children. It appears that Wokingham has completely ignored Park parents' and residents' comments. As I read it, the proposal places children, who live further away from Maiden Erlegh in Lower Erlegh, ahead of those who live in Park. This is because of a complicated distance calculation that will stop Lower Erlegh's children having to go to Bulmershe. I am going to spend my evening studying the document in detail. I will make a fuller comment over the weekend.

It is a shame that Tory MP Rob Wilson, and other welcomed the report which clearly discriminates against Park children.

I will be working with Cllr Jon Hartley, the Parents and the Residents of Park to make sure that everyone is fully informed and is able to respond to the consultation in a measured and calm way. We will continue to fight this to the very end.

Both Rob Wilson MP and Cllr Wazir Husain, who is after all a Wokingham resident, both refused to sign the petition in support of the campaign. It is now clear why, they are conniving with Wokingham to discriminate against their own residents. While they talked about supporting Park's residents they have basically allowed us to be stitched up by Wokingham.