Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reading Response to Maiden Erlegh Consultation

As you will know that Condem RBC decided not not to consult counsel about the Maiden Erlegh catchment area.

They have however commented on the consultation and proposed that South Park become part of the joint Maiden Erlegh/Bulmershe catchment area.

Download the RBC letter here.

They also proposed that the centre, from which distance be measured be moved from Maiden Erlegh school to a point somewhere in the centre of Lower Earley.

This proposal change in the central point might benefit those parents living in the Green/Talfourd/Melrose area but would disadvantage parents living in roads further away, with your children's chances of getting in to Maiden Erlegh declining the closer you live to Eastern Avenue. The red line shows the approximate line of the Maiden Erlegh catchment area and the yellow line shows effect of moving the centre from which distances are measured.

So those roads physically closer to Lower Earley will be better off than those further away. You can read the details of the RBC proposal here, see point 1.2.

It is clear that those children living closest to Wilderness Road might benefit from the proposal but the RBC proposal it will make getting in to Maiden Erlegh a lottery for those families living further away from the school.