Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Uni Stops Being a Good Neighbour

The University has decided to bar residents from campus over the Christmas Weekend.

It appears that they want to assert their rights over the land, in case residents decide that we want to try and get the site declared a village green or similar.

This means that residents will not have access to campus on the 26th and 27th Dec. This will cut in to residents' prime holiday time, when we will use the campus to walk off those Christmas Calories.

While I understand the Uni feels it has to assert its rights, it seems unfair not to advise residents. As the image shows, the Uni is advising Academics, staff and students. They are not keeping it a secret.

Should residents engage in a mass trespass? An interesting thought. There are plenty of gaps in the fencing which we could be used.

What I am sure of is that every resident that lives around the campus, will have an interest in this and should write the Uni as a matter of urgency. This may be the thin end of the wedge and the Uni has form for trying to exclude its neighbours from the site. They suddenly cut access to the Sibly Hall site and built a large fence almost over night to keep residents out.

So write now to avoid disappointment over Christmas.