Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Does this look right to you?

A very shaky picture I know, but does this look right to you?

The picture shows a parent driving his children to a private school on Christchurch Road, I think the Abbey juding by the green uniforms of the girls in the back. He is taking an illegal left hand turn in to Crescent Road. Unfortunately he has miss judged the turn and is stuck on the bollards. He had to reverse backwards a couple of times to get by. This time he didn't decide to drive through the bollards or try and knock over a child in the process, but he was lucky I have seen a lot of near misses when drivers do this and on one occassion I saw a Taxi drive through the bollards. I see drivers do this at least once a day. It is incredible when you see it.

This cannot continue I have spoken to the local Police Inspector and have asked that the Police take action to stop this. One day someone will get hurt. I will keep pressing the Police to take action and I hope that this photo and others that I have taken an given them will be acted on soon.