Friday, 7 January 2011

Thanks for driving carefully-NOT

As you may have noticed its hammering down with rain outside.

Reading's drivers, at least those along Crescent Road, seem to be reacting with characteristic zeal and verve. So much so that many of them, such as the driver of this 4 x 4 seem to have forgotten about everyone else's safety and comfort.

There's a bit of a puddle just where I lollipop and today saw nearly every driver, apart from a few honourable exceptions try to hit the puddle at maximum speed, causing maximum bow wave and splashing the maximum number of children and parents.

It was all a bit unpleasant for the poor people who were splashed and the drivers seemed to show no interest in the chaos they were causing as 5 year old children were doused in mucky road water. As you can probably tell I am more than slightly hacked off by the behaviour I saw and hope that having seen the picture you share my indignation.

The lesson for us all is, I guess, either be anti social and splash people or have a bit of humanity when you drive and slow down when you hit a huge puddle.