Sunday, 30 January 2011

Forgiveness is quite difficult, sometimes

This weeek has been cold and bitter. Lollipoping has needed the full services of my thickest gloves and my furriest hat. Door knocking and talking to residents has also needed hats and gloves. Fortunately I was also able to meet with local Park residents at the Students' Union and in the Roebuck, where it was a little warmer and the wind doesn't whistle so.

The temperature was also taken down a peg or two, when the liberal democrats own Cllr Swaine decided that this week was the appropriate moment to bitterly attack me. If you want to read his diatribe click here . Regular readers will know I have decided to fogive those that aren't brave enough to tell me their worries face to face, so I remind Cllr Swaine that he is forgiven and I will ask my friends to pray for him.

On the other hand it is difficult to forgive the ruling Conservatives who are fully supported by the Liberal Democrats in their attack on the people of Reading. They claim that we are all in it together. BUT they will effect the poorest more. If you are on a big wage an increase in bus fares probably doesn't need to have much of an effect. But if like me you are financially up against it you have to cut costs as the bus fare hits you disproportionaly. I might need to get in to town with my children as shown above. Its a tadge difficult to get my wife and both my children on my bike.

The ruling Conservatives, fully supported by the Liberal Democrats, have sold the residents of Park Ward down the river by supporting Wokingham's mad plans to change the catchment area for Maiden Erlegh school. They seem happy to cut the funding to schools in the area, despite this effecting parents who, like me, rely on the State system.

They seem happy to cut funding across the town and leave the less well off hanging. They are happy to reduce the Road Safety programme by making the person responsible redundant, they are happy to cut the graffitti service, they seem happy to make staff redundant in Whitley schools. I imagine that Reading's Conservatives and their Liberal Democrat supporters sleep well at night knowing the poorest in Reading are being hit hardest.

It will be the same on the national level. The economy's contracting, mortgage rates look like they are going to increase, Student fees are going to triple. Are we all in it together or are Cameron and Clegg turning the screw on the weakest, while renaging on their promises about equality.

So this is something I can legitimately get excersised about. We have been campaigning hard in Park Ward, and the people who I speak to on the doors all tell me that they feel let down by the Conservatives and their whole hearted supporters the Liberal Democrats. They are frightened about the security of their jobs and the reduction services in the town.

Those Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians who can't be bothered to speak to me face to face will probably remain cowards for the rest of their political lives, but I live in hope that they will pluck up enough gumption to drop me a line, just think of the fun conversation we could have.