Sunday, 23 January 2011

Taking Up An Offer

With the Maiden Erlegh Catchment situtation, I have been struck at how the Head of Bulmershe has tried to reach out to the concerned parents of Park Ward. At Wokingham's first public meeting, Bulmershe's Head, Peter Lewis made the offer for concerned residents to come and have an honest look at his school. At the meeting last week, Wokingham's Head of Education made the same offer.

I decided to take up this offer and actually try and see what Bulmershe school is like. On Friday, I met up with Peter Lewis, who was very honest about his school, the schools results and aspirations.

I won't write about my impressions, Mr Lewis was willing to spend nearly 2 hours with me and to take me throw all the years of his school. I found it beneficial and however I would urge any parents and residents to take the Head up on his offer, meet with him and take a tour of the school.