Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I warn you not to be old under Reading's Conservatives

Neil Kinnock warned of what would happen with the Conservatives in control, he said amongst other things "...I warn you not to be old....."

Reading's caring Conservatives have displayed once again that it is dangerous to be old under the Conservatives. The Reading Evening Post reports that they have cut the terms of the old peoples' travel card. So if you live in Park and are old it will cost you more to get in to town, or around generally on Reading's Buses.

Park Ward is known as a student Ward, however there are significant numbers of over 60's and they all had the right to travel on Reading's Buses for free, with their pass, at all times. Having seen the latest Park Ward Conservative leaflet I note that they "forgot" to add in this piece of good news, and have majored on their Councillor planting a tress somewhere apart from Park.I have just found out that the tree that Wazir is standing infront of is on Portman Road, by the Rivermead. It is a shame that he didn't join us last year when we replanted a record number of trees in one day, with the Reading effort being at Palmer Park.

Kinnock said that he warned people not to be old, not to be ill, and so on. He is being proved right, Reading's Conservatives have attacked the old people of Park Ward and Reading and do not even have the courage to tell them. Who will be next? Disabled people? Blind people? If they can attack old people then surely there is no real stopping them.

To repeat Neil's warning, with Reading's Conservatives supported by the Liberal Democrats, I warn you not to be old, not to be ill, not to be weak. Yes the they will plant a tree outside your Ward, but they will hit the residents where it hurts and hit them hard.