Friday, 4 March 2011

Another bad week for the liberal democrats

Its been a very very busy week, hence the time between posts. The news has been busy too, a fantastic win in Barnsley while the Liberal Democrats coming 6th and the Conservatives trailing after UKIP. In Reading Liberal Democrat councillor Gareth Epps has decided not to fight for his seat, perhaps bowing to the inevitable? On a national level the Coalition skillfully announced their desire for a no fly zone over Libya while advising of huge cuts in the RAF.

In my own life the week has also been busy, a lot of canvassing, talking to residents and attending meetings of Alfred Sutton's Parents' Forum, where I am Vice Chair.

Canvassing was interesting, apart from it being very very wet and cold. I was talking to a resident in Newtown she was very worried about the cuts that the towns Conservatives and their Liberal Democrat allies are forcing through. She was so worried she said to  me" Richard, the only way that the Council can change is for Labour to win in May, to win in Park Ward, and in all the other Wards in the town" I completly agreed and would do my best to see this happen in Park.