Saturday, 12 March 2011

Meeting Park's Public Where They Are

The Roebuck My Local
This week has seen us out and about meeting Park's residents throughout the Ward.

It is nice to see that we have some good news about our fight against the Conservative cuts and campaigns coming together. We were able to tell residents in Newtown about the progress we have made in getting a consultation on residents parking. We were able to talk to residents about our efforts to get the streets cleaned and the cuts to the street cleaning services in Park.

Friday saw me hold a regular meeting with the regulars in the Roebuck pub. Ok its a Friday end of week drink with friends, and it is nice to talk to Alex the landlady and the Friday regulars. It is amazing what snippets of information you can pick up from people

Doting about a bit met up with residents in St Barts to talk about their concerns with the Colleys site. It appears that it is staying as a restaurant, thankfully, however they have other worries which we will work on over the next few weeks.

This week is a critical week in the Maiden Erlegh campaign, it is expected that Wokingham will announce their response to their consultations. I have a feeling that they will stick with their strange zone plan. If they do I think this leaves Cllr Ralph, Balsdon, and Wazir's softly softly do nothing approach in tatters. We will see as soon as I have something I will publish it.

We are out and about a great deal and you will see the Labour bike all over the Ward. If you do say hi, I'll be happy to stop and chat.