Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Can You Spot the Deliberate Mistake?

So can you? I suspect not....the problem with this scene is that the lamp post show, which is outside my house hasn't worked for ages.

We have a Councillor in our road, Hamilton Road, who promised to work for the neighbourhood. But strangely we have received no communication from her about this faulty lamp post, when it will  be fixed and when the street safety will be back to normal.

Because of the thundering silence I rang the Council and was told that the post was being replaced with a new one, because the current one is defective. I hope that the fact that I walked in to it face first last year didn't do it any damage.

So look forward to a shiny new lampost - I promise I won't walk in to this one. It will be great to feel safe in the road again.

But from our local champion....nothing.

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