Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OK I admit it- I like riding my bike

Ok I admit it I love riding my bike places. I am not a complete bike nut,. I still drive my car, but I love the sense of freedom it gives me.

I ride alot around Reading and alot around NW Surrey....Its a long story as to why, but I am surprised at how dangerous riding around Surrey feels. This is especially worrying because Surrey will host the Olympic cycle race.

My morning ride around Surrey takes me from my parents in Chertsey, through Addlestone, beyond Weybridge and on in to Hersham. A tidy 7 or 8 miles. Not too far, not too short.

Last week a woman in a black Audi, tried to run me over as she reversed out of her drive. She really did try and squash me, it was like she had radar and every time I tried to get out of her way she turned her car in my direction again. Then on the same journey a cab driver drove so close to me I could see his filings, well almost. Then there was the usual Weybridge set with their 4 x 4's who haven't seen abike before, apparently.

Its a nightmare add that to the fact that the roads are narrow, and drivers insist on driving in to the area reserved for cyclists at junctions I imagine I am now 10 years older with the worry.

But there is now an answer. The Times is running a new interactive map where all road users, including cyclists can highlight dangerous roads. It seems easy to use and a good way to gently release the mental energy built up after grappling with Surrey's cycle unfriendly roads.....

You can get to it here . Its not behind the paywall so everyone can contribute. Go on you know you want to.