Thursday, 28 June 2012

So Gove wants a 2 tier exam system?

My CSE Certificate
Gove wants to bring back a 2 tier exam system, ditiching the GCSE for a return to O Levels and CSEs.

I was "fortunate" enough to be amongst the last pupils to study O Levels and CSEs. I remember the strain of knowing that I absolutely had to get CSE grade 1 for maths or I had failed. Simple as that we were told that anything less than a CSE grade 1 was a waste of time and you had failed. Finito, Schluss, End of.

I was lucky enough to get CSE grade 1 maths and some other CSE grade 1's with a few O Levels so could go on to do A Levels and eventually get to Uni.

BUT the eagled eyed amongst you will note that nestling cheekily amongst the CSE grade 1's I earnt at 16, I also scrapped a grade 2 Chemistry. I effectively failed Chemistry, it was a real shame but a combination of a cock up half way through school, indifferent teaching and a poor attitude meant that I fluffed not only the exam but also the course work. When I fill in forms I don't bother to put this grade on, as it is a fail, it does not recognise that I worked, it does not recognise problems in my school. It simply says fail.

The two tier system had spoken

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