Sunday, 1 July 2012

Don't Stop Believing!

My wife and I have just come back from watching Tom Cruise's new film, Rock of Ages at the pictures.

It is such fun, its a bit like Glee (Lite) crossed with Fame. It has a stellar cast and its massively diverting. But why mention it in a vaguely left of centre blog, btw nice to see all of my usual readership slowly coming back, I mention it because of the "theme" tune of Journey's "Don't stop believing". This ditty seems to have been used all over the place in 2010. 2011, and 2012.

In twenty years time I am pretty sure that this song will be a signature tune played on look backs at the Tory double dip recession. Its theme of hope in adversity seems to be a call to action for the left of centre to  stand up against the Coalition, to fight their attempts to take away benefits to the under 25's, to reduce the army to the smallest its been for 200 years and pathetic growth in the economy.

When I was a teenager, "Ghost Town" was the theme tune to the early 1980's when Thatcher was warming up her campaign against her own nation and Journey seems to be the call to fight Cameron, Clegg and their respective parties at every opportunity.

As a song its a bit lightweight for me, but as a concept I wonder whether one day it will replace "Jerusalem"  at Womens' Institute meetings and perhaps it will one day replace the "Red Flag" at Labour Party conferences. So the message for Sunday is Don't Stop Believing, fight, fight and fight again......

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