Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sometimes you have to disagree......

Sometimes you have to say that something is wrong.

In this case it appears that the council is planning to consult on whether the car park at Palmer Park can be used as a micro Park and Ride for about 200 cars. According to the newspaper result in this weeks Reading Chronicle there will be a special fare which includes parking and bus fare of £4.

As this is a consultation I have already written to the Leader of the Council and Lead Councillor for Transport to register my objections. I have been lobbying the Council all weekend to try and get Councillors to understand the depth of feelings of local residents.I urge all Park residents to object as well.

The bones of my objection are as follows:

1. Any plan which will need extra development in Palmer Park reduces the potential amount of green space in the area. I have consistently opposed encroachments to the open space, from fighting the Green Road development to working to protect the Alfred Sutton Field, to planting extra trees in the park.

2. In discussing it with friends it seems very difficult for RBC to differentiate local parking for local families who use the park on Saturdays in relation to a Park and Ride

3. The development of a P+R in the park will significantly increase the traffic in St Barts Rd and The Woky Rd while I suspect not having a significant affect on the traffic at the Junc.

4. The car park access road will effectively become a main road. This turns a basic access road in to something much more significant. This will create a serious road safety issue next to a childrens' play ground

5. Why should visitors pay £4 to park, when they can park at the top of the Woky road for nothing, in either Wokingham or Reading borough and get the bus for £1.70

So when the consultation comes out please feel free to object, I will.....

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  1. Is there definitely to be a consultation then because I had heard that as it was a "pilot scheme" the only way to object was to write in - this is ripped off from Eastreadingcommunityboard on facebook "Objections to the proposals together with the grounds on which they are made should be sent in writing to C J brooks no later than 5th july, if anyone wishes any further information please contact Paul Allcock on 01189374832 write to C.J.brooks Head of Legal and Democratic Services Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Civic Centre Reading RG1 7AE"