Friday, 15 June 2012

Worries About Alfred Sutton Field

The TVU site slowly turning in to a jungle
I have been asked about what is going on with the proposals for the new school at the old TVU site on Crescent Road.

As a result I am writing to Rob Wilson MP who was promoting the scheme what his take on it is, however what we can be sure of is that with Wokingham having campaigned to remove Reading's children from Maiden Erleigh and a growth in school numbers at Newtown and Alfred Sutton schools the need for more secondary places remains.

It is clear that Reading Uni has lost interest and is no longer willing to support the plan, it is also clear that a 14-18 school will not meet the needs of East Readings' children and especially those who currently attend, Redlands, Alfred Sutton, Newtown and St Johns and St Stephens.

Alfred Sutton Field from Crescent Road
One element of the whole plan that has caused the most disquiet, it being the wrong sort of school for the area apart, is what is happening on the field. Reading Borough Council does not own the whole field, only if my memory serves it only owns a wedge in the centre. It appears that the developer have planned, or may have even already sold off their part of the field to developers to offset the costs of the development.

I personally object to development on the field, in fact the first campaign I took part on was to prevent the overdevelopment of the Green Road site. I would urge all residents of East Reading to write to our MP to gt him to clarify the issue and to make it clear our opposition to the encroachment on our vital green lung.

Meanwhile the Crescent Road site is becoming evermore derelict with the grass at least 18" high.

How much higher will the grass get before locals and East Reading residents finally find out what is going on?

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