Friday, 7 September 2012

Dave Geary

David Geary - URL from Evening Post
I was sad to read that Dave Geary, former Reading Mayor and Kentwood Councillor, died last week.

I worked with Dave in 2003 when he retired as a Councillor and I was fighting for the seat he left vacant.

Dave was kind enough to endorse me and when I was knocking on doors in the Ward, so many people told me about how Dave had helped them, listened to them, sympathised with them and made their lives better.

After he retired he continued to be involved in local campaigns and especially in Kentwood. I particularly remember that he remained part of the team especially with the Siler Roses tea party, which we used to run in Kentwood Ward for the older members of the Ward and other Reading West Wards.

When I was a Councillor Dave was a guiding voice, he had a strong sense of the right way to go and Reading will miss his counsel.

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