Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What A Summer

Olympics 2012 Eton DorneyETD83ETD81ETD82ETD71ETD63

ETD73ETD74ETD75Eton Dorney LakeETD SheepTL Photo
Team PhotoThe Team OriginalETD 24Canoe Sprint StartLOCOG cars waiting to goETD 22
Olympics Scrap Book, a set on Flickr.

What a Summer it has been for me. I have been working on the biggest project in the UK this summer the London 2012 Olympics.

I have been working for G4S, I know but I needed a job, helping to provide the security to the Eton Dorney rowing site. I will publish my thoughts on G4S later, however I would like to share my photo scrap book of the time I have spent at Eton Dorney.

I arrived at the site on 9th July and have been there ever since. My feelings about G4S will be dealt with in a later post, however my feelings about the Olympic and Paralympics can be summed up by the lump in my throat that formed when I heard the national anthem followed by David Bowie's Heroes at the last medal ceremony of the Rowing Paralympics. I felt an intense pride at having worked at a world event which the wider TeamGB, athletes, organisers, volunteers, staff, security guards, military, police, builders, and general public worked so well together.It seemed to be a moment when we could be proud to be us, proud to be a chaotic, multi layered, multi peopled, slightly cynical, and disorganised nation that can really pull it out of the bag when we need to.

It will be a long while before we see days like this again.


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