Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Richard McKenzie Pastor

These are not words that you expect to hear in one sentence, Pastor and Richard McKenzie.

On Saturday I with the other Street Pastors was pastuerised and comissioned. So what is a Street Pastor? It is  a group of people from the churches in Reading who want to spend time in the night time throng looking out for vunerable people, people who are lost or emotional. We want to spend time working on the low level Anti Social Behaviour and helping the police with the more emotional problems that the Police can't deal with effectively.

Will it work, well we will find out soon. We have a lot of work to do to establish ourselves and to gain the respect of the night time economy.

At the Service we were joined by members of the local churches, police and some local politicians. Cllr Gul Khan, Deputy Mayor, spoke and even Rob Wilson MP turned up. Rob is a Tory and I was pleased that he was supporting an initiative that I was working in. A bit dissappointed to see that none of the Lib Dem or Tory Councillors turned up.

I hope to have some photo's of the event soon, but until them we are all excited to be going out to work in the town. The first group goes out on Friday. I am in the second group going out next Friday. Can't wait