Saturday, 21 November 2009

Another Evening As A Street Pasty

Suddenly its 3am and I am saying my goodbyes to my team of Street Pastors and am cycling slowly home after my second Street Pastor Session.

I was stunned at how many people are still about at 3am. We have been down at Gun Street and St Mary Butts for most of the evening. We had lots of people to talk to, street people, party people, police police, door people, alsorts. One incident sticks out. We were down on St Mary's Butts and there was a lad who looked very confused and his eyes were looking in 8 places at once. We went over to chat to him and discovered that he couldn't speak and didn't know where his mates were. A bit concerned we "talked" to him to try and bring him round, a bottle of water, some of which he drank and some he sprayed on his face. After, I don't know 10 maybe 15 mins he started to revive.

In the background of all this there was a bloke who was shouting and screaming at us while we were talking to the lad. We had a little team huddle to discuss what we should do and we decided to call up the town security system so they could keep an eye on us on the CCTV. All of a sudden I looked up to see a couple of the door staff with their arms crossed smiling and asking if we needed any help. They had heard me call up the CCTV and wanted to make sure we were all  right. It is always nice to know that you have friends.

With our guardian angels watching over us we kept on talking to our friends until he snapped awake, remembered where his mates were and rushed, well ambled off to meet his mates.

One short moment in a very fullfilling evening. I was utterly done in when I got home, and to get myself going in the morning, where I had a morning of politics, I ate a bag of Revels for breakfast.